A chemical reaction producing vapours.

Dye technology

Product Description

Dye-Tip: By using Dye-Tip devices, you can prepare different amounts of a specific dye solution in your suitable buffer only in a few seconds. We offer six different types of Dye-Tips:

  • DAPI-Tip
  • Eosin-Tip
  • Hematoxilyn-Tip: Suitable for histological stains in a quick and simple way
  • PicoGreen-Tip: Suitable for DNA quantification in a range from micrograms up to picograms. For this purpose, you need a NanoDrop 3300 Fluor-spectrophotometer. 
  • Rhodamyn-Tip
  • FITC-Tip: Suitable for protein labelling. 

 In addition you have the following advantages:

  • Minimization of wasting costly dye solutions.
  • No waste of reagents during reagent weights.
  • No further fractionation is required.
  • Maximize the reagent stability (stored in dry state).
  • Maximize the reagent use

For bulk quantities please contact to Leandro Martínez or Click Here.


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