2ML is a company dedicated to the development of disposable products for simplify the R+D routine activities in biological laboratories. The company offers a product based in a novel technology, which includes a variety of disposable micropippete tips for specific applications in the field of DNA isolation and quantification, protein and cell analysis.

2ML has the main goal of expand the proprietary technology to many areas of biological research to reduce time-consuming activities and shortcut expenses by highly efficient use of sophisticate reagents using single-use products. We have several years of experience in the development of polymer modification by ionizing radiation technologies.

We wish to release new products annually to meet unique requirements. 2ML is open to the development of customized disposable products in cooperative relationships with strategic partners.


2ML’s mission is to focus its efforts in producing highly specialized disposable products having the widest range within its manufacturing lines, thus positioning itself as a specialist in this novel market segment.